UK team

Craig Craig Dyer, Training Director
After pastoring for 20 years, Craig joined our team to train church leaders how to use our resources and encourage evangelism in the local church. Craig's role takes him all over the globe and he lives with his family near the airport in Glasgow.
Louanne Louanne Enns, Operations Manager
Louanne puts her years of experience in administration, both in secular and Christian organizations, to good use at CEM. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Louanne now lives with her husband in London.
Nicola Fisher, Office Manager
Nicola comes from an administrative background within recruitment and now coordinates the office and financial administration at CEM. She currently lives in East London.
ali-g-2 (1) Alastair Gledhill, Resource Development and Online Engagement Consultant
Ali has previous experience working in digital communications, before more recently serving on the ministry team at All Souls Church. He has joined the team at CEM to help update resources and build engagement. He lives in central London.
Phil Phil Grout, Marketing and Production Manager
Phil is our marketing and social media guru and comes to us from a publishing background. He lives in South West London with his wife.
Stephen James Stephen James, Director of Prison Ministry
Stephen joined the team to help develop our courses for prisons, after spending time in prison himself.  Stephen and his family currently live in Swansea, Wales. Read his story
Grace McDowell Grace McDowell, Evangelism Assistant
Grace works with Rico Tice and supports the administrative front of his ministry, coordinating courses and other evangelistic events at All Souls Church. She is from Northern Ireland but now calls London home.
Eileen Nitao, Database Coordinator
Eileen registers new courses and manages and updates our database. She lives in South West London and also works for a church teaching English to immigrant and refugee families.
Ian Roberts, Chief Executive
Ian joined the team as Director of Resources, taking on his current role in 2011. He studied Economics at Bristol and Evangelism at Trinity College, Bristol and currently lives just outside London with his family.
JubiracyFilho 2017 WB (2 of 17 Jubiracy da Silva, Creative Project Development and Supporter Liaison Coordinator
Before joining us, Jubi pastored in Brazil and studied at Regent College, Vancouver. Having written courses for the Brazilian church, he is now excited to help update our materials and work with CEM supporters. He lives with his wife in North West London. 
Robin Robin Turton, Region and UK Prison Ministry Coordinator
Robin came to Christ late whilst serving as a police officer. In 2010, on retiring he became a regional coordinator and latterly widened the role to include UK prison ministry. In 2017 he moved from Edinburgh to Hawick to help gospel growth in the Scottish Borders.

North America Team

Alan Alan Avera, Executive Director, Christianity Explored North America
Alan was the first Senior Executive for CE USA. Alan's primary task is establishing a base for ministry to support and equip North American churches for evangelism. Alan and his wife live in South Carolina.
Kevin Allen Kevin Allen, Western Regional Director, Christianity Explored North America
Kevin focuses on developing the ministry in the western regions of both the US and Canada. He completed his Master of Divinity degree in 2000, and was ordained at Village Seven Prebysterian Church in Colorado Springs, where he served as one of the pastors since 1997. Kevin and his wife live in California.
john k John Kivell, Canada Regional Director, Christianity Explored North America
Canada's motto is taken from Psalm 72:8, 'May he have dominion from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth!' After a career in business, John's desire is to see his home country become once again where God's name is honoured. John is based in Alberta.
LW headshot Lauren Welch, Communications and Database Administrator, Christianity Explored North America
Lauren's background is in publishing, writing, and social media design. Her passion is using creativity to share the Gospel and she's excited to do this at CE NA. She lives in South Carolina.

Asia Team

Su Yee Lee Sue Yee, Regional Director - Asia
Sue used to work with one of the Big Four firms before taking on her current role with CEM. She loves exploring new ideas and solutions for ministry, and enjoys connecting with people. Sue is passionate about bringing the gospel to the large but otherwise unreached continent of Asia. She lives with her family in Kuala Lumpur.


Barry Barry Cooper
Barry was a comedy writer and actor before he turned author, trainer and speaker with Christianity Explored. He studied English at Oxford and theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA. Barry now lives in Florida with his wife. He has written and presents on Life Explored and Discipleship Explored.
Nate Morgan Locke
Nate has a passion for reaching youth with the Gospel. He is the author and presenter of the SOUL series as well as helping develop many of our other resources, including Life Explored. Nate lives in the US with his family and is currently attending seminary.
Rico Rico Tice
Rico is the Senior Minister, Evangelism at All Souls Church, Langham Place, the birthplace of Christianity Explored. He continues to equip believers to share their faith in Jesus, as well as develop new material through this active ministry. He lives in London with his family.


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